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Our expectations for 2017 are in line with events of recent years.

Our work is technically complex and highly critical, and power generation systems are evolving towards ever greater incorporation of renewable sources. This in turn gives rise to new challenges in the management of the energy system. REN has always been at the forefront of renewable energy integration and we feel that we are well prepared to face the upcoming challenges.
We will continue to invest in engineering with the aim of always being able to provide the best solutions in terms of planning, operations and safety.

We have a highly competent organization which is prepared to meet its responsibilities both today and in the future. We understand the evolution of our industry and are aware of the opportunities as well as the difficulties which will no doubt arise, without ever ceasing to maintain our level of exceptional quality at every level. 

We are ready to provide the answer and a positive contribution both with regard to the challenges we will face in the national energy market and in relation to the international projects we are involved in, the Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique and Electrogas in Chile.