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Board of the General Meeting

Pedro da Maia, chairman
Francisco Santos Costa, vice-chairman


Boards of Directors

Rodrigo Costa, chairman
João Faria Conceição, member
Gonçalo Morais Soares, member
Guangchao Zhu, vice-chairman2
Mengrong Cheng, member
Longhua Jiang, member
Omar Al-Wahaibi, member
Manuel Champalimaud, member2
Jorge Magalhães Correia, member
José Luis Arnaut, member
Manuel Sebastião, member
Maria Estela Barbot, member
Gonçalo Gil Mata, member


Executive Comitee

Rodrigo Costa, chairman
João Faria Conceição, member
Gonçalo Morais Soares, member


Audit Committee

Manuel Sebastião, chairman
Maria Estela Barbot, member
Gonçalo Gil Mata, member

Corporate Governance Committee

José Luís Arnaut, chairman
Jorge Magalhães Correia, member
Longhua Jiang, member


Nominations And Appraisals

Manuel Sebastião, chairman
Longhua Jiang, member
Omar Al-Wahaibi, member
Rodrigo Costa, member


Statutory Auditor

Deloitte & Associados, SROC, S.A., effective
Carlos Melo Loureiro, ROC, alternate


Company Secretary

Marta Almeida Afonso, effective
Guilherme von Cupper, alternate4
Diogo Macedo Graça, alternate5







Internal audit: Gil Vicente
Chief Technical Officer: Zhang Xin6
Institutional Relations Directors:

Maria José Clara
Victor Baptista


Concessions Support Services

Studies and Regulation: Pedro Furtado
Operational Services: Isabel Figueira
European Energy Agenda: Maria José Clara 


Support Functions

Investor Relations: Ana Fernandes
Business Development: Hugo Domingos
Communication and Sustainability: Margarida Ferreirinha 
Planning and Management Control: Joana Freitas
Human Resources: Elsa Carvalho 
Information Systems: Tiago Azevedo
Legal Services: Marta Almeida Afonso

Financial Management: Nuno Rosário
Accounts and General Services: Brígida Palma
Procurement: João Botelho


Electricity Unit

Planning and Engineering: João Afonso
Investment: Nuno Ribeiro
Operation: Albertino Meneses
System Management: Albino Marques


Natural Gas Unit

Asset Planning and Management: Rui Marmota
Investment and Operation: Paulo Ferreira
System Management: Rui Marmota
LNG Terminal:Paulo Mestre


Other Business

ENONDAS: Victor Baptista
REN Trading: Nelson Cardoso
Research and Development: Nuno Souza e Silva


In 2016, a reorganization process was concluded for the functional units of REN Group companies along with the redistribution of responsibilities in operating areas and concessions support. The main aim was to improve the e ciency and complementarity of competences in areas with common objectives. Effects of this reorganization are expected in early 2017.


2 Representing State Grid International Development Limited.

3 Resigned on 13 April 2016, continued duties until 31 May 2016.

4 Resigned with effect of 22 April 2016.

5 Appointment on 28 July 2016.

6 Appointment on 29 January 2016